Scam Busters (Consumer “Advocate”)

The Team of is working daily to stomp out scam. Although immense progress has already been made, since the launch of the program, in order to become stronger and leave scammers no chance of succeeding, we ask you to support us in our scam-preventing activities. As much as we try to keep our finger on the pulse of all online-dating connected issues, we understand the importance of the help from the guests of our website. Every input is valuable and even one email can make a difference, this is why we invite you to join our “Scam Busters Team”.

Scam Busters are people who take actions to stop and prevent any form of fraud and make online dating safer.

Become a Scam Buster:

Report any suspicious activities

Please see the Anti-scam Check List for tips on how to recognize a scammer.

Note pictures of scammers

We have placed the pictures of caught scammers on our “Wall of Shame” section of our website. Please look through them and report to us if anyone of these people ever tries to contact you.

Send us your scam-prevention ideas

We are grateful for all suggestions on how to strengthen our anti-scam program.

Tell your friends

Networking is essential in matters of scam-fighting. If you hear that any of your acquaintances is being asked for money or his personal or financial data, please advise him to have this case checked right away. The sooner you act, the less damage can be made.

Being a Scam Buster does not mean hunting scammers as a full-time job, it means having the courage to acknowledge the problem of scam, to speak openly about it and to act in a responsible way making the web a safer place.

You too can help stop scam.

Only by working together we can make scam-fighting effective for all.