Anti-scam Check List

The global web might appear like a jungle and many people find themselves searching for a guide through the hidden dangers. At we try to protect our guests from any predators that might be hunting online for another victim. We strive to make our website a safe, secure and enjoyable place for people to meet.

We are glad to support you through our Customer Service Department.

For your convenience we have also created an Anti-Scam Check List, which can help you avoid the alligators, which pretend to be goldfish.

Please note, that just one or two signs from this list do not indicate a scammer, but the presence of three or more signs should be alarming.

Please also do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department in case you suspect a possibility of a scam-scheme.

Anti-Scam Check List

“Red Flags” which can help identify a scammer:

  • The girl writes to you first

  • The girl tries to gain your trust, is persuasive and persistent

  • The girl does not answer your questions and avoids speaking about herself in details

  • She asks for your personal information and/ or credit card details

  • She does not show you photos with friends or family

  • The girl asks you to keep certain things about her a secret

  • She does not agree to speak using a web-camera

  • The girl starts talking about her feelings for you, even though you have met just a while ago

  • The girl asks for financial support or gifts

  • She rushes you to make decisions

  • She has an urgent need for money (illness, internet access, phone, etc.)

  • She wants to get a visa to come visit you

  • She tell you she loves you soon after corresponding

  • She wants to marry you ASAP

  • She tells you that she gets paid to communicate with you

  • She can’t remember obvious things about you