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Due to the fact that the internet is being usually promoted as the fountain of entertainment and information, many of us tend to forget, that behind every website and every online profile there are real people and just like in the real world, virtual acquaintances can be deceitful. As we usually see just the profile picture of the person we are talking to, we cannot be 100% sure, that this smiling friend is not a masked enemy waiting for us to let our guard down. This is why finding a trustworthy partner whom you can rely on is one of the best ways to “travel” the global network. is an online dating service provider which does not deal with “virtual profiles” and “website customers”, but with people. We see a person behind every email we receive and behind every picture on their online profile. It is important for us to take care of our virtual guests in a way, as if we knew them in real life. This means we do our best to be the perfect hosts.

We use the most up-to-date resources, check the profiles and work together with the guests of our web-site to make one of the most protected and efficient web-sites in the global network.

The achieved results have already surpassed even our boldest expectations of when we first started the anti-scam campaign, but we believe in a never-ending strive for perfection, rising up to a new level every day.

Thanks to our dedicated team and the support of our sincere and responsible customers, who take actions and notify everyone of any scam activity. We have created a reliable “Anti-scam system”, so visitors of can pride themselves in thinking – “This is the online dating site I trust!”