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What are the advantages of online-dating?

In real life your address book usually consists of friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. Dating someone, who your cousin thinks is “just right for you”, may create tension and the feeling your relationship is “under watch” or that you are obliged to like the person and expected to build a long-lasting relationship, otherwise the “matchmaker” may be disappointed and will remind you about it on any occasion like family gatherings.

One of the best benefits of online-dating is the possibility to look through your options with no (or at least much less) pressure, than in the real world. You can find information about a lady on her online profile and via email or just a friendly conversation via a web-cam call does not oblige you to anything. You have the chance to first understand whether you feel yourself comfortable enough with someone and whether you have common interests and things to talk about before you meet her in person.

Communicating online tends to create a more relaxed atmosphere and allows you to be yourself.

What to expect?

Unless you are extremely lucky (which of course cannot be excluded), you may expect the process of finding “the one” to take time. Along the way you can meet ladies, who may reject you, others shall become your friends and a few may turn out to be the ones you could start a relationship with, but if you view online-dating more as a game, than a challenge, you can also expect to find it a pleasant and fun experience.

What are the usual beginner-mistakes?

  • Paying little attention to your online profile

    (Please look here for more info about creating your online profile /link to Internet Dating Tips /)

  • Choosing only the most attractive profiles

    Although this may seem to be the obvious choice, you may want to consider the following: a professionally made picture wins over a self-made one, but the personal charisma which can be felt only in the presence of someone can rarely be caught on camera. Thus, judging only by the profile pictures, you may let a wonderful lady slip through your fingers.

  • Taking total control of the conversation / talking only about yourself

    It is a good recommendation to allow your potential soul-mate to talk and express her ideas, thoughts and beliefs. Otherwise, it may seem unpleasant to your new friend and even scare her, as it may make her feel suppressed. Allow your partner to speak on the topics she finds interesting and let her know her opinion is important to you.